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Bespoke studies

We are always open to developing new solutions, and we produce a range of bespoke studies, some of which are listed below:

Resource Demand Modelling

Do you have enough labour resources to support your construction project? If you do not, how much more will you have to pay to get them?

Competition, demand, availability and geographical location are just a few of the factors that can affect the cost of procuring resources for construction projects. Our experience, knowledge and data allow us to develop bespoke solutions to give strategic insight for projects and programmes of work. Our studies can be used to plot deficits and likely cost premiums associated with securing the resources required to support small and large volumes of construction work.

Cost benefit analysis and impact assessment

Understanding the impacts, costs and benefits of growth and/or change in market conditions is vital to developing an understanding of how a project or business operates and responds to external forces. We identify key components and cost drivers and model their relationships.

Whether making a case for public expenditure or selecting the best option or policy from a socio-economic viewpoint, we can help. We consider cost (capital and life cycle), social and environmental benefits to help you make better informed decisions.

Financial viability for planning purposes

We can undertake financial viability for planning purposes, where we objectively test the ability of a project to meet its costs, including the cost of planning obligations. We ensure an appropriate site value for the landowner and a market risk-adjusted return to the developer in delivering that project.

Capacity analysis

We can provide a capacity analysis at the project or programme level, or more widely, to understand the impact of supply and demand pressures on delivery. This approach includes developing an understanding of the availability of resources (labour, materials and components) to deliver a project, compared with other projects in the vicinity that might be simultaneously competing for similar resources. Our analysis will highlight particular market pressures or capacity pinch-points to inform programme flexibility in the scheduling of work packages.

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