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Bespoke services

BCIS Consultancy is a bespoke service delivered by our data experts. It can provide you with independent built environment intelligence. We leverage the well-established BCIS brand as a data provider. This service will help you make informed business decisions, enhance the credibility of your activities or to support your clients with specialist skills, research and data.

What we do

We focus on our customers’ challenges and opportunities, BCIS Consultancy offers a tailored approach. We enable you to make better informed decisions regarding your projects and assets, identifying areas for improvement and increased return on investment:

Our areas of expertise

BCIS Consultancy provides advice, guidance and support throughout the project lifecycle. We can analyse and interrogate data at any level, from detailed resource (labour, plant and material) or unit rates, through to high-level average building prices, courtesy of our industry-leading BCIS. We predict future price movement of resource inputs to identify major cost drivers in construction and advise on trends.

Our market-leading offering covers a range of consultancy services.

Cost and price prediction

Our studies provide a realistic inflation forecast profile, allowing you to better understand the implications of your strategic decisions

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Data management and analysis

We have methodologies and systems that capture an organisation’s cost data information and allow the data to be analysed and stored in retrieval systems

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Cost benchmarking

We can show you how you are performing against similar projects or organisations

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Construction cost and embodied carbon estimating

We can work with you and your design team to pick the best specification possible based on the performance over the life of the project

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Life cycle costing

We can support you to pick the best specification possible based on the performance over the life of the project and can efficiently and consistently produce studies to prove why a particular option should be selected

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Bespoke studies

We produce a range of bespoke studies to support your organisations business needs, from Cost benefit analysis and impact assessment to Financial viability for planning purpose

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Get in touch

If you need advice on any of our service areas or want an informal discussion on anything related to BCIS. You can call on +44 0330 341 1000, or email  contactbcis@bcis.co.uk

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