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Construction cost and embodied carbon estimating

Increasing efficiency and accuracy of cost and carbon estimating

In these times of demonstrating value for money, clients are demanding higher levels of accuracy from their estimates. We are one of the leading publishers of construction cost data in the world and publish a number of first principle price books. We also have experience of estimating embodied carbon for projects and attributing embodied carbon to the same resources used in the construction process.

In addition to estimating CO2, our models account for other noxious/harmful greenhouse gasses, such as NOx, Methane and SO2. We report them by attributing a CO2 equivalent value. Our expertise in construction cost estimation and novel approach at life carbon estimating places us in a unique place position to advise on cost, carbon or both.

RICS has led the industry in bringing consistency to measuring and reporting embodied carbon and has published a Professional Statement: ‘Whole Life Carbon Assessment for the Built Environment’.

To produce and publish what we do, our core skill is data collection, analysis and benchmarking. Normalisation and making the data reusable for other purposes is essential to improve the accuracy and auditability of any estimating process. By estimating both cost and carbon at the same time, it increases accuracy and consistency.

We not only use this data management experience in capturing data for an organisation or a project, but we can also use this data to help benchmark against other projects, organisations and locations.

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