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Frequently asked questions

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Accessing the BCIS subscription Service

The questions below are to help you access your BCIS Service if you are already a subscriber to one of our services:

How do I access my BCIS subscription?
You can access your service here.

I’ve forgotten my password to access my BCIS subscription, how do I retrieve it?
Please call us on +44 0330 341 1000 or email contactbcis@bcis.co.uk so we can verify you against the account and we can then send the password to the main account holder.

Can I change or reset my BCIS subscription password to something else?
All passwords are generated by the system for security purposes. We can however reset your password to another auto-generated password. A password reset request must come via email from the main account holder.

My BCIS subscription password isn’t working, can you help?
We recommend typing your password in manually and not copying and pasting. If the error persists please contact us directly on +44 0330 341 1000 or email contactbcis@bcis.co.uk.

I can’t remember my BCIS login ID. How do I retrieve this?
Please call us on +44 0330 341 1000 or email contactbcis@bcis.co.uk.

The main contact for my organisation’s BCIS subscription has left the business. How do I update the contact to be me?
We need this in writing so please email contactbcis@bcis.co.uk and we can arrange this.

Can I add another contact to my organisation’s BCIS subscription main account?
No, we can only have one main contact associated with the account.

How do I renew my BCIS subscription?
Please email contactbcis@bcis.co.uk and we can check if your subscription needs to be renewed, and send you your renewal quote if needed.

How can I check when my organisation’s BCIS subscription needs to be renewed?
Please contact us directly on +44 0330 341 1000 or email contactbcis@bcis.co.uk.

Can I add more users to my organisation’s BCIS account?
Yes, please call us on +44 0330 341 1000 or email contactbcis@bcis.co.uk and we can arrange this with our commercial products team who can advise on the pricing structure.

Do you have any guidance on my recently purchased product?
You can locate all detailed guidance from the help section when you are logged into your BCIS subscription service in the top right corner of the homepage, or visit BCIS.co.uk/products where you can pick the service you subscribe to. There will be a tab on the specific product page that links to a user guide for the majority of products. This will give you a basic overview of the service you have subscribed to.

When will the next index be published?
You can find this though the help section in the top right hand corner of the homepage when you are logged into your BCIS subscription service: Help > Documentation > Documents from indices > Indices Publication Section.

I’m struggling to navigate the system, can you help?
You can find the how-to guide through the help section in the top right-hand corner of the homepage when you are logged into your BCIS subscription service: Help > How to.

need a copy of my BCIS invoice, how can I get this?
Please email contactbcis@bcis.co.uk with your BCIS Subscription login ID and your invoice request, we can then send this to the main account holder.

Ordering online

How do I pay for my order?
Once you have finished shopping, proceed to checkout. You’ll be guided through the payment process where you can choose how to pay for your order. We accept many different types of payment. These include:

I am unable to purchase through the website can you help?
Please email contactbcis@bcis.co.uk with your requirements and business detail. We can then arrange contact from our commercial products team to get this set up for you.

Can I add a PO to my online order?
Yes, you can add it into notes at the checkout, or you can email contactbcis@bcis.co.uk with official PO documentation and your recent purchase details then this can be added post-purchase. Alternatively, you can send us the PO first and we can process your order manually.

I have ordered a BCIS price book when will I receive it?
We aim to send hardcopy publications within 5-7 working days once we have received your order. If your product is out of stock, we will contact you to either issue a refund, or you can wait for the re-print or new edition.

What is the cost of delivery?
Postage is free.

I am purchasing from outside of the UK, can I transact in my local currency?
The website transacts in GBP (£). We do not take payments in other currencies. If you have any questions, please contactbcis@bcis.co.uk or call +44 0330 341 1000.

Opening hours
Our Customer Service Team is available from Monday to Friday, 09.00 – 17.00. BCIS offices are closed on UK Bank/public holidays and through the Christmas period, from Christmas Eve to 2nd January.