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Building maintenance costs increase by almost 10%

Published: 02/04/2024

Estimating rates in the BCIS Building Maintenance Price Database increased by an average of 9.22% in the year to 1Q2024.

The dataset presents guide prices for maintenance repair work across a range of trades, realistically reflecting the cost of carrying out work on existing buildings and taking common conditions into account.

These include, for example, working in occupied premises, access difficulties, extra protection, no economies of scale, extra supervision, extra material costs, short plant hire periods, and increased carriage charges.

Estimating rates within the dataset vary, from a 13.74% increase in demolitions and alterations, to 7.36% in electrical work.

Source: BCIS

In the update to the dataset for 2024, 77 new items have been added, including I joists and Posi or Open web joists in Woodwork, solid or biomass fuel boilers in Plumbing, and intruder alarms and LED panel lights in Electrical work. 

The dataset now contains a total of 2,918 unit rates with 1,318 resources. 

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About BCIS Building Maintenance Prices 2024 

While the prices are presented as national averages based on a contract value up to around £100,000, subscribers to the online BCIS Building Maintenance Dataset can make multiple adjustments, including applying inflation and UK location factors, adjusting the contract value, and building in allowances for preliminaries and required overheads and profit levels.  

Material supply prices are current at 1Q2024 and labour costs incorporate the latest wage agreement from the BATJIC, JIB-PMES and the Electrotechnical JIB.  


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