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The Building Cost Information Service (BCIS) has provided reliable pricing information for construction projects for more than 60 years.

The range of BCIS price books, covering everything from small-scale alteration jobs to multi-million pound new-build projects, capture labour, plant and material costs for tens of thousands of rates.

Our price books can help you to prepare and update:

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BCIS Dilapidations Price Book 2024 – 10th edition

Essential for professionals preparing schedules of dilapidations or providing early cost advice to tenants and landlords on compliance, this practical guide presents reliable and independent price data for use with residential, commercial and industrial properties.  

BCIS Building Maintenance Price Book 2023 – 43rd edition

Essential for pricing maintenance and repair work up to a value of around £100,000, the BCIS Building Maintenance Price Book realistically reflects the cost of carrying out work on existing buildings. Working from this publication is vital if you're a public or private sector property professional seeking to avoid the dangers of under-charging or over-paying for maintenance work.

BCIS Painting & Decorating Price Book 2023 – 30th edition

An essential guide for anyone pricing decoration work in new buildings and redecoration work in existing properties. This price book, suitable for projects up to a value of £45,000, includes internal and external work and a full range of surface treatments.

BCIS Guide to Estimating for Small Works Price Book 2023 – 29th edition

Created specifically for busy builders and smaller building companies, this price book makes pricing projects up to a value of around £150,000 quick and easy. It includes more than 250 fully priced standard estimates for the most common type and style of small-scale building works.

Griffiths Building & Civil Engineering Price Book 2023 – 67th edition

Griffiths Building & Civil Engineering Price Book is intended as a guide to pricing typical mid-scale new work projects up to around £1m and mid to small-scale alterations and repairs projects around £50,000.

Hutchins Priced Schedules Price Book 73rd Edition (2023)

Hutchins Priced Schedules: Small Works & Maintenance Construction is a trusted companion to busy builders, tradespeople, surveyors and estimators looking for reliable pricing information. It is ideal for construction projects up to a value of around £250,000

BCIS Dilapidations Price Book 2022 – 9th edition

The BCIS Dilapidations Price Book is specifically designed for pricing schedules of dilapidations, providing reliable and independent price data. This dataset is essential for anyone providing early cost advice to landlords or tenants on the costs of complying with schedules of dilapidations.

All of our price books contain average prices for the UK with guidance on applying regional factors where appropriate. They have the latest available plant and material costs, as well as incorporating the latest wage agreements into labour costs, at the time of compilation.

Have you considered Schedule of Rates?

BCIS Schedule of Rates

BCIS Schedule of Rates is the essential online materials and dayworks costing tool. It provides a range of pricing datasets including small and large projects and alterations and refurbishment.

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Please get in touch if your project value lies outside the parameters suggested for each of our publications. Estimates based on our price books can be adjusted for inflation, location and contract value using BCIS Tender Price Studies.