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Greater coverage for reinstatement calculator

Published: 15/09/2021

New models have been added to the residential reinstatement cost calculator from BCIS to extend the range of properties covered and reflect changes in practice and regulation for house and flat building. This has been completed alongside a complete review of the models behind the calculators to ensure they meet current regulations and modern living requirements. This is part of the regular review and updating of models undertaken by BCIS.

The changes include:

  • Additional models for houses and purpose-built flats from 2010 onwards
  • Associated default external works for properties in new age band
  • Previous house age band ‘1980 to date’ renamed ‘1980-2009’
  • Additional models for three storey houses for age bands 1840-1919, 1920-1945, 1946-1979, 1980-2009 and 2010 to date
  • As a consequence, 4-storey calculations are supported for houses in these age bands
  • Purpose built flats now have three age bands (1946-1979, 1980-2009 and 2010 to date) although 1946-1979 and 1980-2009 are identical
  • New adjustment for balconies on flats which considers the number of balconies per flat in the model
  • Additional option of external walls adjustment for reconstituted stone
  • Additional option on stone fenestration features adjustment for reconstituted stone window surrounds
  • Additional option on roof adjustment for pitched roof with sarking which is default in Scotland
  • Change to adjustment for sprinklers to allow for changes in national building regulations: all residential properties in Scotland and 4-storey flats in England (Wales previously covered)
  • Adjust table layouts to accommodate new age band and additional 3-storey properties; bungalows are now shown in a separate table
  • Review of supporting documentation

Background changes will also support the continuing review and updating of the residential reinstatement calculators. If you have any questions about these changes or suggestions for further enhancements, please contact contactbcis@bcis.co.uk


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