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Latest construction output figures

Published: 17/06/2024

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) publishes monthly estimates of the amount of construction output chargeable to customers for building and civil engineering work in Great Britain, split by sector and type of work.

Construction output down by 1.4% in April

Construction output decreased by 1.4% in April 2024 compared with the previous month, according to the latest ONS data. New work output was down by 1.9%, while repair and maintenance (R&M) work decreased by 0.8%.

On an annual basis, new work output in April 2024 was down by 9.4% on April 2023. R&M output was up by 5.7% on the same period.

In new work, there were annual decreases in all sectors, with private housing, infrastructure and private industrial all showing at least a 10% fall in output. The largest increase in annual output was in private housing R&M.

Sector    % change April 2024 compared with
March 2024 April 2023
New work 
Public housing -5.6 -9.7
Private housing -4.4 -12.4
Infrastructure -0.1 -10.5
Public other +3.5 -5.3
Private industrial -1.4 -13.2
Private commercial -1.8 -3.7
All new work     -1.9 -9.4
Repair and maintenance 
Public housing -0.5 +0.8
Private housing -2.5 +10.9
Non-housing -2.2 +8.8
All R&M     -0.8 +5.7
All work     -1.4 -3.3

Source: ONS – Construction output in Great Britain, volume, seasonally adjusted, by sector, Table 2a

Source: ONS – Construction output in Great Britain, volume, seasonally adjusted, by sector, Table 2a

ONS cited the effects of heavy rainfall and strong winds impacting construction activity in April, with the Met Office confirming the month, which began with Storm Kathleen, was unsettled and wet.

Dr David Crosthwaite, Chief Economist at BCIS, said: ‘It’s another disappointing set of data for the construction sector in April, with output across both new work and repair and maintenance sectors down on the previous month.

‘The largest falls in output were in housing, with both new work and repair and maintenance decreasing, suggesting that affordability issues are still having an impact across the residential sector.’

Across the wider economy, construction was not the only contracting sector in April. While services output grew by 0.2%, production output fell by 0.9%. The overall result was no growth in GDP for the month.

Dr Crosthwaite said: ‘With strong cross-sector wage growth, albeit to a lesser extent in construction, expectations that the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee will make its first cut to the base rate at its June meeting have largely fallen away.

‘Unfortunately, as long as the cost of borrowing remains elevated, construction output is likely to suffer continuing declines.’

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